Interact club of SoT

number of clubs are functioning to help students realize their potential, instill a concern of serving


the community and further develop vital skills that come handy in future careers. @ SoT a   @ This Christmas season SoT Interact club visited autistic children at Nehemiah Autism Center, and brought joy and smile to everyone.

Interact club is functioning to interact and assist the underprivileged, disabled, autistic and the old, helpless people inall aspects possible, to boost up their moral to sustain their self dignity and self respect to lead a normal, joyful, peaceful healthier life in the society along with others by communicating closely which makes the members human in all aspects to serve the humanity in the best possible way.

The interact club of SoT raises funds, donates money, materials like furniture, stationary items, clothes, shoes, sanitary materials etc… according to the requirement of the organizations like Autism Centers and Old Age homes etc…