Kennedy Space center

Visit to NASA - Efeson Tesfaye Competed for the visit to NASA and was one of the six winners amongst all Ethiopian students of grades 4 - 9

1. What can you tell about School of Tomorrow?

I joined School of Tomorrow when I was three years old. There, I was in the Misrak, Lem, Bole and now at CMC Branch. I love my school, friends, helpful teachers and educational atmosphere.

2. How did you manage to go to NASA?

I have interest in Science. I read a lot about technology and I keep track of information. I am totally engrossed in such things. I heard that our school was coordinating with the concerned company regarding the competition. I competed and I made it.

3. How do you express the help of the school to that end?

I was in the training session organized by the School with the help of the organizers. My dream came true, due to, the persistent support of the School.

4. Do you think your visit to NASA was helpful?

Of course, I have come to realize the different necessities to get connected to the developed world. The universe is under constant exploration. Still, many experiments have to be done about this mysterious Universe.

5. What are the important things you have observed in NASA?

I experienced a lot, for example, I visited the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. I saw the Apollo Rockets; I interacted with Don Thomas, a retired astronaut who had traveled to space four times. He was on the Challenger and the Discovery rockets.

6. What do you wish to be in the future?

I dream to be an Astronaut, the first Ethiopian to be on Mars. And I would like to research deep into Albert Einstein’s theory, with vast knowledge of Physics and Information Technology (IT).

Congratulations as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary!
Efeson Tesfaye Grade 7