Club Activities

In addition to a number of extracurricular activities in the school, our students go on excursions to broaden their intellective horizon. We visit different places of academic and social relevance from time to time. The School also participates in Inter-School competitions Debates, Football Matches, etc. The School gives room for practical leadership training by allowing students to take up the mantle of leadership from time to time in the different club activities.  Students are encouraged to be a member of one of these clubs. Prefects are elected from among the students to oversee the activities of the clubs. 

The School has a Club festival day every year where the students will show their ability and creativity in each club.  


  • Entertainers Club
  • Anti HIV/AIDS Club
  • Diplomatic Club
  • Doctors Club
  • Computer Club
  • Newsletter Club
  • English Club
  • Red Cross Club
  • Drama Creativity Club
  • Explorer & Tourism Club
  • Environmental Club
  • Cheerleaders Club
  • Sports Club
  •  Drama & Creative writing Club
  • Young Entrepreneurs Club
  • Broadcasting Club
  • Helpers Club
  • Geography Club
  • Science Club 
  • French Club
  • Broadcasting Club
  • Newsletter Club
  • Art & Design Club
  • Photography Club
  • Book Club