In memory of Ato Woldekidan Forsido

The life of a person cannot be summed up in just a few pages. We can have a glimpse, though, from a single perspective. In this biographical sketch, the School of Tomorrow (SoT) shades some light on our father and the founder of the School. Ato Woldekidan Forsido was born in 1944 in the previous Shoa province, Kembata region, AngachaWeredaat a place called Bekafa, by his father AtoForsidoHordofo and his motherW/ro. AshameLefebo.

When Ato Woldekidan came of age foreducation, he was enrolled at Saint Teressa School where he accomplished his studies from basic reading and writing up to grade 8. Then, he joined Atse Glawdewos Comprehensive Secondary School in Nazareth. After completing grade 9, with enthusiasm he joined Harar Teachers’ Training Institute to fill the gap of shortage of teachers then. There, he acquired academic and vocational training for two years, and graduated with great distinction and the award of a Diploma in Teaching. With great commitment to serve his country in his trained vocation, he worked as a teacher and principal for 3 years in the previous Arsi province at Huruta District School.

The material wealth that comes and goes is not as important as the struggle to make ends meet through trying times that is,in fact, forging process that refines the personality. Ato Woldekidan was a man with perseverance to succeed. Because of his exceptional talent and commitment in his vocation, he was selected to study the courses on School Director and Supervisor, at Haile Sellassie I University for one year from where he graduated with yet another Diploma. Then, he served as a Supervisor in Arsi Province Regional Schools. Due to his diligence and the high score he achieved in Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate Examination, he was recruited, once again, to join Haile Sellassie I University to study Educational Administration as a regular student. After the completion of his study, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1972.

He had served as a Director in the previous Shoa Province, Chebo and Guragearea at Emdiber Higher Secondary School, Ethiopia Tikdem Senior High and Kolfe Comprehensive Secondary Schools in Addis Ababa.He had as well enriched his experience in Educational Administration training programs in the country and abroad. He had also got a Post Graduate Diploma from Nairobi University.

Ato Woldekidan was highly esteemed for his professional zeal and accomplishments when he served as the Head of private, mission and public schools under the Ministry of Education. He was appointed, too, as the Chief Administrator of Shakiso Awraja by the Administrative Ministry where he rendered genuine and thrust worthy 2 years service for the people of Shakiso.

Later he served as Head of the Department of Private Schools,in the Ministry of Education, until he resigned from his job on his own accord and started his private business. Ato Woldekidan was a man with a vast lifetime of experience.He was undoubtedly, a skilled educationist who did his job tactfully and honestly. He was known as a naturally dedicated person for his work, a creative entrepreneur and advisor. He had established and administered one of the prominent Schools in Ethiopia known as “School of Tomorrow” and had contributed in producing famous young scholars.

He had also created job opportunities for a large number of citizens. Thus he played a big role in curbing unemployment. He was a genuine and hard working person,a good role model for all those highly committed to the public cause.

Ato Woldekidan was a humble person who assisted the disabled and the needy. He had helped developmental projects in giving a genuine service to the people and government.To this end, he had served notably as a Board Member in different developmental associations but also
as a financial source in exhibiting his great enthusiasm for development. He had a profound contribution in the real estate and other organizations as a Founder and Board Member. He had in deed put much effort to accomplish his planned activities to his last breath.

Ato Woldekidan was married to S/r Meskele Gebremichael. A devoted and loving husband and father, as he was, the couple are blessed with children and grandchildren. He was a person endowed with wisdom and the ability to spark off joy even under difficult circumstances.
The tremendous respect and gratitude he earned among his family, relatives, friends and the public at large could be highlighted as a reverence.

Ato Woldekidan’s children are proud of their father. They are inheritors of his strong personality and integrity. He had a happy family life the warmth of which always captivated whoever entered his hospitable house. He was deceased at the age of 69 on April 25, 2013 after having been treated from an emergency disease. His body was laid to rest on April 27, 2013 at Petros -Pawlos Church Cemetery in the presence of his family,relatives and Colleagues.

Upon, reflecting on the uniqueness of Ato Woldekidan, one may ask what made him so special? The SoT family have all known him in a variety of roles; Father, Husband, Uncle, Cousin, Grandpa, Mentor and Great friend. He had the ability to connect with all of us, no matter the circumstance.He knew how to reach out to everyone who met him. He knew how to make us smile, especially when we needed his words of encouragement.

The greatness of a man’s life is not so much in his material wealth but glorious heart and mind. Ato Woldekidan’s unprecedented departure touched the lives of many people. They all cherish his memories. We say thank you Ato Woldekidan for the legacy you left us behind.May we pass on this legacy bountifully to all those who shared our joy and sorrow.

We love you
School of Tomorrow