Our Achivements

During the last many years School of Tomorrow have been performing extremely well earning a lot of rewards and recognitions as well as trophies in many different aspects. Year after year the school continued to increase its achievement records at an increasing rate.

In the recent 2012/13 academic year the school scored the highest in the Ethiopian High School Leaving Examination (Grade 10) having 94% of the students scoring 4 point and in the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination. 93 % of the students scored the highest required point ( to join medical School). In 2012/13 academic year the Ethiopian High School Leaving Examination 31 students achieved Great Distinction from all students in Addis Ababa who took the examination, which came from more than 80 schools. We are proud to inform you that from these 31 students, 11 (35.4%) are from our school, School of Tomorrow.

Beside academic excellence, the school works on students overall personality development such as communication skills, self confidence, organization, leadership, public speech which is crucial for their future career, extracurricular activities and many other aspects of personality development. School of Tomorrow received various awards and recognitions for its students academic performances as well as other exemplary different activities from Government Education offices, and from different organizations. Next we have presented some of the many trophies, certificates and recognitions earned through the years that depict our relentless efforts.